Dude nice work. I can clearly visiualize your “upcoming” romantic piece inna few weeks.

Thoughts From A Maverick's Perspective

How is love expressed between lovers?

Public shows of affection displayed when they walk together, doors held for her to walk through or phone calls when they’re apart so he has someone to talk to?

Or is it in the acts of love?

Soft kisses taken by lips intertwined in interlocking motions, making ocean waves with her tongue on my lower lip when my teeth clamp down slowly on her upper lip. The tip of my tongue leaves traces down her neck as I bend it backwards with a fistful of hair. Care for everything is lost. Air is forced from her lungs as she exhales sharply.

She breathes in through her teeth as she drinks the lust in my eyes. The desire in hers burn so intense that for a single moment every molecule in the room goes still, slowing our movements so our need magnifies over a lifetime…

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Can't tell what I am, Can't say who I am... All I know is am the guy that gracefully accepts the great variations of occurrances the universe has to offer with a silent chant of 'F U!'

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