7 Things A Woman Is Never Responsible For

We live we learn

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1. If you have a hard time “taking her seriously” because you can see her figure

I love it when men talk about how women always claim to be victims or are inherently illogical beings or “the weaker sex.” Dudes can’t even focus on their schoolwork when a girl’s wearing yoga pants in class or figure out how to treat their female coworker as a human being because her button-up shows some cleavage one day. There’s so much struggle for a guy to figure out just to live his own life when there’s a female in the room — and it’s not up to women to coddle men. Not when the bar is set so low as “view women as human beings.” Nope. Not a woman’s responsibility.

2. Being attracted to you because you’re “one of the good ones”

I don’t care if we have the definition of “nice…

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