Parkinson’s Drug Gives Woman Multiple “Unwelcome” Orgasms Daily

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Maksim Toome / ( Maksim Toome / (

A 42-year-old Turkish woman with Parkinson’s disease has quit taking the drug rasagiline because it induced multiple “unwelcome” spontaneous orgasms daily—as many as five per day.

After a week of swallowing the magical mystical pills, the unnamed woman says she began feeling constant sexual arousal. Each orgasm reportedly lasted between five and 20 seconds—not bad! On the tenth day of ingesting the medication, she could stand her pleasure no longer and checked herself into the hospital complaining of multiple spontaneous orgasms.

When she stopped taking the medication, the orgasms also stopped. When she began gobbling the pills again two weeks later—SPLAT!—on came the multiple unwelcome orgasms again, so she ceased and desisted with rasagiline altogether.

Neurological researchers in Turkey who’d examined the woman wrote in a study:

Here we report a patient with early-onset PD [Parkinson’s disease] who experienced spontaneous…

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