Ife's words

Where am I?

Its a little too hard to differentiate

Either I’m still with this 80 year old lady selling herbs by the roadside

Or I’ve travelled on another long road trip with my mind


…..that’s the word

At least there’s a word for my condition……Thanks to a friend of mine

Why the squeeze on my face?

If only you had an idea what this woman has mixed up in these herbs…

Like she put the whole universe together in one cup…

Plus that burning taste of alcohol…that must be the sun

So why won’t I frown…

As I deliberate myself to take in scum

To light my chest ablaze

To bring sadness to my tongue

My friend William says it’ll help for my back ache…

He says it also makes sex last long…

With what I have to go through to take this crap in…

My Man William…

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About akpamos

Can't tell what I am, Can't say who I am... All I know is am the guy that gracefully accepts the great variations of occurrances the universe has to offer with a silent chant of 'F U!'

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