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This is Who I AM !!!


Amosquito!!!  Yeah i said it…  call me AMOSQUITO!

Most believe its a name thats leaves nothing to be desired ha! What do you know?

Running through life with your misrable lives controlled by  sentiments, bowing to social pressure, being consumed by popular culture creations like JUSTIN BIEBER! “argh!”

And you want to mock me?

Throughout my whole life I’ve been hunted by this very nickname (“NICK” being the operative word here, cause its meant to hurt) used by my tormentors as a way to ridicule, demean and control my person. For a time these words were a bane to my existence flooding my daily life with irritation, annoyance and resentment which left me thinking  Why can’t people just let me be?  Every new gathering I encounted a-mosquito was a reference i could not escape from.

In clearly isolated incidents that turnedout to be a coincidence, people seem to end up assigning me the same NICKname “Guy why u thin like mosquito? and your name com be Amos … a-ha! You are A-MOS-QUITO!

Ha ha still have to love the irony.

I was troubled by this for a time until i realised this, though not in the same exact words but Geoffrey F. Abert said it best

 “When you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life.”

And so the next time I was asked what my name was, I just told people A-MOS-QUITO then after a few minutes of laughter they got over it. Leaving me wondering why i was down in the first place, all am trying to says is;  it dosen’t matter what you call yourself or what you’re called just as long as you’re in control it will all be fine.


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